Name is Alexis,
UCLA Student,
ΔΛΦ-Γ Chapter,
Sociology Major,
Cancer/Leo Cusp,
Video Games,
Kingdom Hearts,
Harry Potter,
Lots of Feels
Instagram: agcervantes92

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Kingdom Hearts Stained Glass FanArt: Disney Princess Collection

Artist: Nicole Graham (jostnic)

Check out her other stuff on DeviantArt. (And maybe buy some prints if you really like them. :3)

Chaos already dominates enough of our lives. The universe is an endless, raging sea of randomness. Our job isn’t to fight it but to weather it together on the raft of life. A raft held together by those few, rare, beautiful things that we know to be predictable.

- (via estuardohuertas)

Track: Falling
Artist: Florence And The Machine
Album: Lungs
Plays: 2989
Sometimes I wish for falling
Wish for the release
Wish for falling through the air
To give me some relief


Sora and the ice people owo

Which one I should finish?


The Houses of Hogwarts - Created by Autlaw

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Track: Am I Wrong
Artist: Nico & Vinz
Album: Am I Wrong - Single
Plays: 1263


Nico & Vinz Am I Wrong

Track: Mirror Mirror
Artist: Jeff Williams
Album: RWBY Soundtrack
Plays: 4583

RWBY White

Mirror Mirror - Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams

Sigh. Perfect song to listen to while I walk home alone at 5 in the morning. I can imagine myself as Weiss in battle with her graceful magic and ice attacks. The cold never bothered me anyway.

A handprint i made today as a representation of me. I am Mother Mother Teresa. I am REESE. But most important of all…I am Alexis. 😇😈😊 #happyallyweek #handmural #deltalambdaphi #GAMMAS #imstilltheSupreme